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Friday, March 2, 2018

Social Media Platform That Pays

Use the Xenzuu social media platform and earn money at the same time

Xenzuu is a social platform just like facebook or google plus. But what makes xenzuu different from other social networks is that you get paid for your activities.

When you share or like a post, when you comment or post pictures or videos.
In addition all of the collected advertisements revenues are distributed among the members who are active for at-least  ten days of the month.

 Members get paid through their paypal account.

You can also opt to recruit new members to be your down-line up to the  9th level downwards.
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social media platform and earn money at the same time
- Are you registered on social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Instagram etc., do you use these regularly, but have not earned a penny to date? - Are you looking for an opportunity to generate long-term, passive income that regularly earns you commission? Then Xenzuu could be just for you! Xenzuu is the social media platform that pays its members commission for using it! There are many different ways to earn commission. Registration is free and commission is generally earned on the side, whilst you chat to friends, share posts, comment and like. How much can I earn on Xenzuu? The ways to earn commission on Xenzuu include, but are not limited to, the following: 1. The social media bonus: You receive the social media bonus on a daily basis for the previous day’s use of Xenzuu as a social media platform, for example, for liking, sharing, posting and commenting on posts. We don't publish the exact calculation for this so as not to influence normal user behaviour in any way. 2. The activity bonus: At the start of each month, all advertising income earned in the previous month is added up and distributed amongst Xenzuu active members. Active members include all members who were logged in for a minimum of 10 different days in the previous 30 days and uploaded a profile picture. Commission is calculated as follows: 80% of all Xenzuu advertising income in a month is split amongst the number of all active members in that month. Each active user then receives 5% of this amount, as well as 5% of this amount for all downline active members, to a maximum of 10 levels down.

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